Tree Toppers

Tree Toppers

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Who wants a boring old tree topper when you could have something more your style? These unique toppers rest comfortably on the end of any tree, be it real or tinsel. Their arms and top half of their torso are firmly stuff while the bottom half is open. A cone of stiff felt creates a sturdy tube that makes up the inside of the body. No Christmas setting would be complete with out one!

Adorn your Holiday tree with a unique tree topper in the character of your choice. Choose from various styles: Prince, David Bowie, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Harry Potter and friends, and Princess Leia.
Toppers are a solid doll on top with an open cone shaped body below. Besides sitting on top of your tree, these will also stand up on their own, making a great display piece for after the holidays as well.

Each face is hand drawn and painted using ink pens and colored pencils which I then spray with a fixative to stay fresh and bright for many years to come.
These measure roughly 10" from head to base and 9" across the arms.