Tiny Floppy Doll, custom colors

CLONE OF floppymini2hredskull
Tiny Floppy Doll, custom colors

See my selection of ready made, ready ship Tiny Dolls on my Etsy: etsy.com/shop/devoutdolls

These special girls have one body and two heads! Their dress is made of your choice of cotton printed fabric. They will have matching striped legs that match their outfit perfectly.
Arms and legs are joined by floppy wobble jointing making them perfect for posing and sitting.
Each face is hand drawn and painted using ink pens and colored pencils.
They measure 5" tall from head to feet.

Each dolly is handmade to order, you select the colors!

At checkout, let me know what colors you would like for:
hair, eyes, and outfit

I will email a photo of your options according to your requests
*Blythe doll and BJD are for size examples only*