Muppet Show, WIP

Slowly finishing the pieces for my next gallery show at Schmancy Toys in May.
I've had a long time love affair with the Muppet Show. I have very fond memories of watching it with my mum and brother on T.V. when I was a kid. I don't think I realized how much their genius truly influenced me until recently.

  Besides blaming my mom for the doll making gene, I think I can safely point some fingers at Jim Henson for being a strong inspiration and one of my personal heroes. He and his crew managed to create characters that had mass appeal, the perfect balance of cute, humor, and weirdness, that so many of us grew up with.

It seems every person I come across has their own special bond to a specific character. I'm sure if you looked in the psychology of it all, the favorite character we each pick would be a window into what type of person we may be or relate to. Either way, I wanted to honor their gift to our childhoods by making my own versions of a few of my favorite characters.
I'll be posting more info and all the photos on my website as well as on my Flickr so, stay tuned!