Mastering one handed typing

Welcome my newest creation, Baby Penelope Rose, born on the 4th of July. And with her welcome a new life challenge, how do I be a mom and find time to work?!

So far I haven't been ale to answer that question but I am enjoying every second of her. She's the sweetest little thing I've ever laid my eyes on and I still can't believe she's mine, forever and ever. I feel so super lucky. Even with my exhaustion and frustration with feeding. Seriously, no one ever mentions the hard stuff when you read or talk to people about parent hood. The basics are all covered, sure, but why is it, until you have the same issue does suddenly everyone else voice that they had the exact same promblem?

I'll tell you out loud, I'm having milk supply issues and it's frustrating as hell, but I know we'll get this through this tough road eventually. For now, I'll just try to soak up every moment and enjoy every second of my forced vacation.  Which brings me to my website here. For the moment, all products on my site are now MADE TO ORDER. I have nothing in stock ready to go so please keep that in mind while shopping.

Hope everyone's having a great Summer! I'll keep you posted when things are up and running again. I have two shows coming in Oct. Blythecon in New York City (my stuff is going but sadly I won't be attendance) and the Puyallup Doll Show. 'Till then, see ya around!